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Monday, December 29, 2014

Set up Eclipse to develop with BeagleBoneBlack

  BBB comes with various ways to develop application but I prefer the old method to making binary file on Linux PC with cross-compiler toolchain and execute the binary file on the target board. Here is what I have done ...

 1. On your Ubuntu PC, Install Toolchain for Beagle Bone Black
    $ sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi

2. Download and install Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers (I using  Eclipse Kepler (4.3) )

3. Install new software, Select Help -> Install New Software and select 
   General Purpose Tools -> Remote System Explorer End-User Runtime
   Mobile and Device Development -> C/C++ Remote Launch

4. Create new C project by select New -> C project
   and setup cross build tools at wizard as shown below

5. Click on Run icon -> Run configurations
   then right click on C/C++ Remote Application -> New then click on "New" button

Select remote system type, I chose SSH Only

Fill BBB's IP address and description.

6. Fill "Remote Absolute File Path" for directory for store binary file on BBB. Then enter "Command to execute before application" with chmod +x <path/binaryfilename>  to allow execute permission.
7. Right click on Project->Properties, Select on Setting->Tool Setting->Cross CGC Linker and tick on "No Shared Libraries(-static)"

8. Writing/modify test code then clean and build up binary file.

9. Click on Run testbbb , If everything OK the binary file will be transferred to the BBB board via SSH and executing. The result will appear on the console. Hope it works for you too :D