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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Set up home media server using BBB

     I got an idea to set up home media server based on my BeagleBoneBlack. Here is what I have done.

1.Get these stuffs
  • BeagleBoneBlack board
  • LAN Cable + Wifi network hub
  • USB hub
  • USB harddisk or other usb media drive. 
  • Your PC
  • Android Phone

 2. Put everything together.
 3. Next step, setup the software,
             $sudo apt-get install vim

  • Install Mediatomb for MediaServer.
             $sudo apt-get install mediatomb

  • Setup mediatomb as you wish. Using vim to edit /etc/mediatomb/config.xml

          Enable Web Interface ->
               <ui enabled="yes" show-tooltips="yes">

          Allowing Accounts ->
                <accounts enabled="no" session-timeout="30">

           Change port and interface by adding these lines after server tag ->

            Save config file and exit

4.Mount the usb harddisk at /media
         $sudo mount /dev/sdXX /media

5.Restart mediatomb
          $sudo /etc/init.d/mediatomb restart   
6.On PC, Open web browser and enter http://<BBB ip address> : 49154

7.Login to mediatomb with it's web interface (Username: mediatomb ,Password:mediatomb)

8.Add media you want to play to database

9.Next, Connect to play media with your media player (In my case, I using VLC)
  •    Open Play list and select UPNP(Universal Plug and Play) on Local network.
Right click and select play, it will ask for network URL. Just enter the BBB IP address with setting port.

  • Then the play list should appeared.Enjoy the music !! 

10. For Android phone, I using Upnplay app to do the same job.


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